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The experience gained in the 15 years of existence of Custom Horses Corrals, allows us, with all reliability, to offer a comprehensive service of advice for the fences for horses, when thinking about making a fence, we must take into account that the horse is not a lamb, but an animal of about 500 kg of weight and that the construction has to be very solid. It is best to do it by train sleepers or 10cm diameter posts of treated wood concreted in the ground every 4 meters maximum. Among them is a 5 cm thick plank screwed with special anchoring pieces, or better yet 3 electric shepherd's belts 4 cm wide each. One tape at 50 cm, another at 100 cm and the last one at 150 cm in height. Both solutions are infallible, although the pastor is still more economical in both assembly and maintenance. 


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