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About us
Custom Horse Corrals. Fulfillment. Honesty. Service

We are a company of design and installation of corrals and related products 100% American, with great prestige, thanks to the quality of our attention and efficiency of our technical and professional personnel. We have been dedicated to our business for 15 years contributing to the development of our customers, providing them with products that allow them to minimize costs in handling, optimize their resources and have a better image in their facilities.

At Custom Horse Corrals we work with materials of high density and great resistance, offering high quality designs for the agricultural industry such as pens, fences and stables

Our clients have designs on cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horse handling facilities to help them control their animals.

Our designs are adapted to any client, satisfying their needs and offering quality in the service at all times.

Custom Horse Corrals maintains high standards, providing top quality materials at competitive prices.


Our mission
To build spaces for commercial, mixed and service use for the infrastructure being profitable and adding value to our customers, collaborators and environment, keeping us at the forefront of time.

Our vision
That every project of our clients is carried out with efficiency allowing us to be every day more reliable. Be the company that customers require and market through our quality model.

Our values
Valuing and respecting internal and external clients in the agreed time
Working with the stipulated materials with quality and with the highest standards.
Understanding this set of activities that seek to respond to the needs of our customers, granting them security in their choice.

Quality politics
Meeting the needs of our customers under the highest safety standards, using, providing and complying with:
Quality Materials
Delivery time
Customer Satisfaction
Service Security

We are committed to complying with our principles and quality policy, in order to continue creating value for the benefit of our customers and all those who are part of our company.
If you need more information contact us:

Phone: (626) 638-5000



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