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Custom Horse Corrals. Fulfillment. Honesty. Service

Custom Horse Corrals we specialize in: Corrals, Fences, Stables, whether for equines, cattle, sheep, pigs, ornamental etc. We manufacture and distribute all kinds of pens and animal cages.

Some of our products include equestrian pens: round pens for workouts, for bathrooms, breeding grounds, mare motels, for rest.
Cages for quail, rabbits, ornamental, industrial, modules and breeding chicks, parrots, geese, ducks, peacocks and much more.

There can be no livestock operation without facilities of pens and corridors, asides for classification of rodeos, spaces for reproductive work such as artificial insemination, thus avoiding the limitations in the development of livestock establishments.

The design and correct installation of corrals and passageways, must respect the principles of animal welfare. The location must be taken into account according to the area and the type of terrain and prevailing winds.

Its construction and dimensions will be according to the type and size of the establishment, which type of production is carried out: breeding, rearing or wintering, which breed is exploited and the size of the herd, situation is that will allow working with ease and efficiency making better use labor.


Each establishment must adapt the facilities to its reality, a fixed rule is not established, but there are generalities that can guide us better to make the decision.
 The chosen place should have good drainage of the soil to avoid accumulations of water that hinder the use and the durability of the installation.
 It has a good natural repair or artificial defect and its longitudinal axis of construction will be transverse to the direction of prevailing winds in the area, making the pens of apart are located behind the operators.
 In order to facilitate access to the facilities, we must have squares next to the corrals, with large lockers that allow the animals to enter without difficulty.
 The presence of repairs of prevailing winds for corrals should be achieved with trees in the peripheral areas.

We must take into account the welfare of animals for their construction.
The height of the wiring to prevent the animals from jumping according to the breed and docility of the animals that are in the establishment
 When designing and constructing the facilities, account should be taken of the increases in heads of the rodeos.
 The dimensions of pens should be related to the number of animals, within certain limits.
 The movement of the animals inside the facilities must be ensured by means of streets that communicate to the pens of apart with the enclosure.
 The length depends on the docility and the size of the hacienda.
 The size of pens is calculated knowing that an adult animal needs approximately 2.5 m2.

The line of pens made by Custom Horse Corrals is designed taking into account the needs of the field to delimit the spaces of the animals.

Custom Horse Corrals pens are used in ranches, homes and gardens to delimit spaces.


We offer a wide range of products to cover all your needs:

Solid 4 "corrals
Recommended for horses and farm animals.

6 "solid corrals
It is recommended for the handling of animals of rough use. Especially cattle and cows.

Solid 3 "corrals
It is recommended in the use of small animals such as sheep, goats, pigs and dogs.

Corral (hollow profile)
For ornamental use and delimitation of animal spaces as well as horse pens.
Our materials have a natural tendency to flex, so they are more resistant and avoid injuries to horses, do not splinter, preventing horses from breaking them. Another feature of this material is that it is pet-friendly, non-toxic and very easy to install.

Our line of equestrian products covers the needs of some sports which need to delimit the outline of a court.

Boundary for Polo Court
Designed to mark the limits of the court, mainly so that the ball does not leave the court and so that the spectators are out of risk.

Training track:
There are two types of tracks: Standard and Small. Each one marks the positions around the track for training tests.

Custom Horse Corrals offers an economical and optimal solution for stable and stable runways and pens that respect the health of horses. This adaptation is not only useful in horse tracks or equestrian tracks; we will see a great improvement applied in areas with great traffic of animals.


Characteristics of our materials:

Due to their good properties, the products have an excellent resistance to compression, stress and impact.
The color of the products is integrated with UV protection, high durability for exposure to the elements.
They are also characterized by their high resistance to chemical substances (organic and inorganic solvents).

One of the advantages of being an impermeable material is to avoid the development of fungi, bacteria, saltpeter, among others.
Because they are synthetic products, they are free of water absorption, thus avoiding the corrosion of the secondary elements.

With excellent properties of resistance and durability.
Our products are 100% recyclable and recyclable, in addition to its long shelf life.

The maintenance is minimal, instant washing with water and soap, removing dust, among others.

We also offer the following accessories:
Container for bottles
Hitch post
Corridor lock
Dooks gused

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