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Special designs:
We design corrals with special features according to customer needs like, reform and improve pens. 
Our facilities have the capacity to:
•20-50-100 Animals
•100-200-500 animals onwards
•Stables rectangular, squares, round.

Production and construction:
roofing, wall, shed, offices, steel estructures, fences, camps and industrial buildings. 


CUSTOM HORSE CORRALS we count that has among its ranks staff that gives us more than 15 years of experience in design, production and construction of roofing, wall, shed, offices, steel estructures, fences, camps and industrial buildings, always managing to meet standards of quality, customer satisfaction and delivering on time, always our team is committed to our customers.
In our company the partners are important, we believe in people and that is why we have very young people and people with experience, this amalgam allows us to provide a quality service and give our team job stability.
For this reason CUSTOM HORSE CORRALS has a security program designed under the OSHA standards and seeking to minimize the level of risk to health and safety, always working on prevention of occupational hazards.
We have specialized, dedicated and we are responsable for safeguarding the safety of our installers and customers, with the experience to train, inform and educate each one of our technicians in aspects of working at heights, first aid and construction insurance procedures staff. 

With our customers or clients. Always offer them well finished, with the quality that they request, fulfilling our goals of construction and at a reasonable cost in market.
With our coworkers. The care of our staff¬ and suppliers is paramount to us, supporting the grow within the company and develop as professionals and human beings, working always in an atmosphere of cordiality and respect.
With environment. We have special care to minimize wastage of materials used and recycling it to the extent possible.
With our society. CUSTOM HORSE CORRALS know the importance of strengthening the values and principles as human beings, so that each one of our actions is founded on the principles of respect, loyalty, trust, humanity, and truth.

In all our work, all our staff¬ are involved, both at management and administrative and operational levels; because we consider participation in basic set; because in this way we have managed to off¬er our customers and meet the expectations of its equirements.

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